The American Academy of Crisis Counseling courses are designed to be a hands on approach to the practical problems that many hurting people are facing.  We do not offer theory, but rather biblically based training and resources for practical application in crisis identification, crisis prevention, crisis intervention and crisis management  for those in the midst of coping with:

  •  Crisis Counseling: An overview
  • Crisis Counseling: Intervention Strategies
  • How to Help Cope with a Crisis
  • How to Counsel
  • Helping on the Telephone
  • Counseling on the Mission Field
  • Trauma Intervention Programs
  • Interactive workshop courses & book reports
  • Research papers & Class discussions
  • Case Study
  • Live case role play

This certification program is filling a foundational step in Christian counseling. With completion of the American Academy of Crisis Counseling course, you will have gained skills to assist you in faith-based counseling. Never before have counselors been able to practically address issues upon the completion of a program.