The Crisis Of Family Violence
This course provides an overview that seeks to aid in understanding the problem of family violence, how to react, and the cycle of abuse.

The Crisis Of Depression And Suicide
This course provides an overview of depression and suicide that seeks to understand the depression spectrum and ways to implement REACT method of intervention.

The Crisis Of Alcoholism And Drug Abuse
This course deals with identifying the problem, understanding the substance-abuser’s effect upon his family and evaluating the possible treatment alternatives.

The Crisis Of A Troubled Marriage, Separation, And Divorce
This course deals with the intervention strategy of de-stressing the crisis, sorting through the many conflicts that will surface in seeking to reopen communication and reestablish a covenant to work out the marriage and assume responsibility for doing so.  Covers understanding the impact of separation and divorce on the principal parties.

This course is a comprehensive curriculum which includes background and scope of the problem of clergy misconduct, factors in crossing boundaries, ethical analysis of the issues, prevention and intervention.

A major emphasis will be made on interpersonal communication and conflict management.

Not In My Church
A dramatic video presenting a church faced with a betrayal of trust by its minister.

Clergy Misconduct
A presentation detailing what the congregation needs to know about clergy misconduct.

Is Nothing Sacred (When Sex Invades the Pastoral Relationship)?
Case study designed for preventing and finding effective solutions for sexual abuse against congregants by clergy.

Resource Packet
A collection of articles on clergy abuse of congregants, including definitions, guidelines for reporting, comparison viewpoints, and a bibliography.

Importance of Interpersonal Relations and Communications
Deals with understanding human groups and the nature of communication.

Communication Models
Details field of experience, interpersonal episode, transactional, and hard & soft organizational models.

Communication Messages
Covers communication processes, areas of administrative communication and guidelines for feedback.

Learning to Listen
Emphasizes improving listening skills, listening as a means of solving interpersonal problems and non-verbal messages.

Destructive and Constructive Conflict Management
Explores the normal development of conflict, destructive management of conflict, and constructive management of conflict.

Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence (24 clock hours course)
This course is an examination of the social and religious roots of sexual violence, and the consequences of silence.  Included is the pastoral perspective, providing information for effective response to victim or offender.

Facts About Sexual Assault
Provides statistical information and resource data on agencies and organizations that assist victim

Counseling By The Living Word Of God (24 clock hours course)
This course is a ministry approach which deals in an integrated way with four foundational areas.  This technique under the direction of the Holy Spirit yields more effective results than ministry to only one or two of the areas alone. Training covers the basic foundational, restorational tasks that need to be accomplished in every saint’s life as God the Holy Spirit does His work of sanctification.

Sins Of The Fathers
Presents scriptures and relevant information that show how we are “setup” for problems because of the Sins of the Fathers.  Explores the background issues of the sins and the resultant curses that effect the sins of the children that are frequently the counselees.  Includes a generational patterns questionnaire.  Follows up with the scriptures that show God’s solutions to the Sins and Curses.