The AmericanAcademy of Crisis Counseling is a Non-profit faith-based Christian Counseling Certification course for those who practice Christian Counseling, Consulting and advise, with biblically based counseling resources for caregivers in crisis intervention.

AAOCC keys in on the need and directly addresses practical issues about Christian counseling.  Never before have counselors been able to  address issues upon the completion of a program.  When you complete the first level of the American Academy of Crisis Counseling courses you will be thoroughly equipped and well-furnished with adequate materials to work effectively in a personal or group ministry and Christian counseling.  Above all, you will be enhanced in crisis situations, crisis prevention and crisis management.  This certification program is filling a foundational step in Christian counseling.


The core curriculum for the American Academy of Crisis Counseling (first level) is based on 16 clock hours which is conducted in two eight hour days.  Never before have counselors, consulters, and advisors been able to address issues upon the completion of a program.  This course deals specifically with intervention strategies in 22 crisis situations.

The course is not designed to give a comprehensive treatment, but rather how to intervene in the midst of a crisis, assess what to do, and begin the integral task of care giving, or referral to adequate professional care givers or a medical facility.  The first level comes with handouts and three crisis books.